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WooCommerce + Pinterest Buyable Pins? Wait, Don’t Walk

Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2015 11:04:24 PM


You’ve searched for years for the magic mix of talent, functionality and dependability to make your online business what it is today. Maybe it took a reliable web developer, a copywriter, a marketing strategist or a great designer to bring your ideas to life—maybe all of these—plus, an e-commerce solution that you can manage and that doesn’t manage you.


You chose Wordpress and WooCommerce, like a lot of us did. This platform has proven itself over the past decade, and many of my clients have migrated to it because it solved a number of problems for them.


That Elusive Blue “Buy” Button

But wait…Pinterest launched these fabulous new buyable pins and I want in! As of this writing, Pinterest does not support integration beyond two platforms—Shopify and Demandware. My WooCommerce store is simply out of luck.


What now? Do I have to move to Shopify?

Many of my clients are asking this question. To answer it, I first reached out to Stripe. Stripe is our payment solution of choice for our client shops running WooCommerce. Their media contact—Kelly Sims—was exceptionally helpful and responsive, answering my emails over a weekend. Understandably, she wasn’t able to disclose Pinterest’s next steps, but she did mention that Stripe will “be ready to allow WooCommerce/WordPress to sell on Pinterest as soon as we get the go-ahead from them”.

An Integrated Solution May Come Sooner Than You Think

I’d reached out to Pinterest directly, and hadn’t heard anything. A few days later, however, I was happy to get this response from their Partner Operations team: “We expect to launch additional merchants before the Q4 holiday shopping season.”


The response from Pinterest’s Partner Operations team also included this line: “For updates on future integration opportunities, sign up for our wait list:”. On this form, you can indicate which platform you are on, so I encourage you to fill it out and let them know what you are using.


Wait It Out; Don’t Walk

For now, hang tight. Keep your e-commerce store where it is, and consider adopting a hybrid strategy in the meantime. Adding some products to a Shopify store and launching them with buyable pins on Pinterest could offer some valuable market data for you. Plus, you can integrate your Shopify items directly into your Wordpress site. I’ll walk you through setting up a simple Shopify store and integrating it into your Wordpress site in the next two posts.


Keep Calm and Keep Informed

If you’re serious about selling online, you’re watching the news from top social media platforms carefully. The landscape is shifting again—first, we went mobile. Now, we’re buying directly from our favorite social channels. We have ‘tweet to buy’ calls-to-action and social shopping carts. We have new integrative solutions rolling out by the week, or so it seems.


Don’t let it overwhelm you.


If you’ve got the solution that works for your business currently, stick with it and watch for the opportunity to integrate your online shop into social media channels you are consistently populating.


It will come.


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